Our Advantages

We have a cool climate all year round, sweet pineapples, tasty bananas, and many other fruit and vegetable products.
We have majestic waterfalls and spring resorts. We also have rice terraces, pine trees that fill the air with a fresh pine scent, and superb panoramic views. On top of all these, our people are very friendly, accommodating, and always smiling.
These our advantages over other places here in Negros Occidental.

SAVOR Our Fine Products and Tasty Delicacies

The sweetness of our delicious and organically-grown pineapples is enough to attract people to come back for more

ENJOY Our Cool Atmosphere and Scenic Views

The breathtaking and majestic views that our town offer is enough to make every day of your life a bliss

RELAX At Our Great Resorts and Natural Wonders

We have several resorts and perfect picnic spots for you and your family to enjoy

This is what locals and tourists say about our beautiful town

Check out what our visitors and locals have to say about our beautiful town

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Our Blog

We strive to give you updates on the latest happenings in the lovely town of Don Salvador Benedicto

In the midst of the vast mountain ranges of Negros Occidental, you will find the beautiful town of Don Salvador Benedicto. Situated on a semi-plateau section of these mountain ranges about 2,500 feet above sea level, it is the youngest municipality of Negros Occidental. Also known by its initials, DSB is approximately 47 kilometers away from Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental, locals and tourists love the cool climate that the town


When you think of pine trees, what picture or image comes immediately to mind? There is actually a great chance that you will think of a pine tree filled with ornaments and lights with gifts underneath it. Yes, when talk is about pine trees, it is usually the festive picture of Christmas that comes to mind. However, do you know that pine trees do more than just being the center of attraction in your homes during Christmas?

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Mayor's Office: DSB Municipal Hall, Poblacion, Brgy Igmaya-an, Don Salvador Benedicto NIR 6100

Tourism Office: DSB Tourism Office, Poblacion, Brgy Igmaya-an, Don Salvador Benedicto NIR 6100

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Phone: +63 (34) 473 0188