Smell the Fresh Pine Scent

When you think of pine trees, what picture or image comes immediately to mind? There is actually a great chance that you will think of a pine tree filled with ornaments and lights with gifts underneath it. Yes, when talk is about pine trees, it is usually the festive picture of Christmas that comes to mind. However, do you know that pine trees do more than just being the center of attraction in your homes during Christmas?

For starters, stately pine trees have an attractive appearance which could enhance the beauty of its surroundings. Even its dry needles that falls down to the ground are not at all unattractive and cannot destroy the allure that the majestic tree presents. This is why in many grand homes, public parks and selected upland highways, pine trees make their presence felt. In the case of upland highways, aside from beautifying its surroundings, it also provides an extra layer of protection for motorists so they do not fall off a cliff in case things go wrong.

Pine trees also greatly help in keeping the surroundings always smelling fresh. The soft pine scent can waft incessantly in within the area of the trees and make the air pleasant to breathe in. Instead of filling the air with the unpleasant smell of vehicle fuel or rotten mud, it fills the surroundings with the familiar scent of fresh pine that you will truly love.

More than just being a decoration or an air freshener, however, there are many other things that pine trees do which benefits not only the environment but your health as well.

For instance, did you know that scientists in recent years have discovered the strong connection between the scent of pine trees and its cooling effect on the environment? Scientists excitedly made this announcement a couple of years back and said that the scented vapors of pine trees turn into chemical particles that promote cooling by deflecting sunlight and helping in the formation of clouds.

In fact, scientists and researchers say that if you notice the fresh pine scent of a pine forest, just like the one in Don Salvador Benedicto, you might just be inhaling the very thing that helps bring balance to climate change. These scientists also believe that pine trees, or pine forests like that of DSB, for that matter, plays a major role in limiting the negative impact of rising temperatures. In effect, the local government administration of DSB is on the right track, after all, when it promoted the planting of pine trees, not only along its many upland highways, but also establishing a pine forest right within its territory.


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